Elaborated with our own production of albariño grapes, which were planted over twenty five years ago, manually harvested in eighteen kilogram capacity crates. After going through the selection table and the desteemer the grapes are cooled in the tubular exchanger, lying from twelve to twenty four hours in the macerators. During this time the juice is in contact with the grape skins, then it is drained and the must is racking cold, removing the thick elements.
Subsequently, we increase the must temperature between 16 and 18 degrees in order to start the must fermentation with a preselected mother vat. Once the fermentation is concluded the wine is devated and it is kept on the fermentation fine lees for two months. During this time we removed it daily ending with a racking. We let the wine decant for a while and then it is filtered before the cold stabilization within isotermic vats. After ten days the wine pass through a microfiltration cartridge and finally it is bottled.


White wine with an antique- gold tone, brilliant in nose, harmonious and subtle between ripe fruit and vanilla notes. Fully assembled, in the mouth offers a long, elegant drink with a forest fruit and ripe fruit beginning ; grape fruit, acid apple, all marked by floral aromas that envelope the mouth giving a spicy flowers ( orange flower, honeysuckle ) combining the primary grape aromas. Perfectly balanced, fresh retronasal, elegant and persistent.


This wine pairs perfectly to any Galician cuisine dish, grilled fish, seafood, white meat, fresh cheese, etc.

  • Alcohol Strength: 12,2% Vol.
  • Total Acidity: 6,8g/l (expressed as Tartaric Ac.)
  • Ph: 3,2
  • Free SO 2: 26mg/l
  • Total SO 2: 115mg/l
  • Reducing Sugars: 2,1g/l
  • Density: 0,993

FQA-051* Energy Value (kJoules) Calculation kJ/100ml 328
FQA-050* Energy Value (Kcalories) Calculation kcal/100ml 79
FQA-005* Fats Extraction g/100 ml <0.1
FQA-061* Saturated Fatty Acids GC-FID g/100 ml <0.10
FQA-010* Carbohydrates Calculation g/100 ml 1.8
Total Sugars (Glucose+Fructose+Sucrose) PNT-55-01 Calculation g/100 ml 0.19
FQA-008* Insoluble Dietary Fiber Gravimetry g/100 ml <0.1
FQA-009* Proteins Kjeldahl g/100 ml 0.3
PNT-22-01 Sodium Chloride (Salt) Calculation g/100 ml 0.01
PNT-102-01 Sodium Atomic Absorption mg/l 27
Flame PNT-04-02 Acquired Alcohol Content (20°C) NIR % vol. 12.79
FQA-002* Moisture Drying g/100 ml 87.9
FQA-003* Ashes Gravimetry g/100 ml 0.18