The major wine farms of the cellar, iglesario vineyard, currás, aios, lourido, montarrán etc , are situated in surrounding plots. They are based in granitic soils, where in some occasions the bedrock comes to the surface. Those are highly disaggregated land given the nature of the proceeding, the soil is formed by coarse elements that facilitate drainage in a Galicia where the annual rainfall average is high. The sun exposure is perfect for the grapes to grow on tne typical Galician vine. In some plots we have old vines that live with younger vines.


We only work with the Albariño variety, although we fulfill experimental tests with other Galician grape varieties. This small grain grapes, compact cluster and golden colour is exposed to sunlight in ventilated vines.

After pruning and a comprehensive periodical survey following all developmental stages of the vine, the vines are green pruned. When the harvesting programming is done, We give priority to the most advantaged plots that fulfill the parameters and analysis established for the season. The vines that will be part of the mother tank from which it takes the character and the personality of our wine are selected, those grains once crushed the skin and juice are in contact, where the skin spreads all its aromas and flavors in the must. This juice is fermented under controlled temperature in order to take full splendor of each grape, the treasure of nature that human hands care to reach a good end.