Elaborated with the grape variety Mencía with Denomination of Origin Rías Baixas of vineyards located within the region, on the slopes of river Umia. Manually harvested in small capacity crates, after going through the selection table and destemmed, the grapes are cooled in the tubular exchanger, then in the macerators the juice is in contact with the skins and with daily pump-ups during 4-5 days until achieve the stability of the color substances. Then the must is drained, removing the thick elements, the temperature is increased between 20 and 25 degrees in order to achieve the malolactic fermentation. The wine is racking periodically until achieve the desired clarity. Finally, after a cold stabilization the wine is bottled.


Red wine with ruby cherry red colour, fresh varietal aromas, which is given by the alcohol and malic acid, fruity, long and suitable full- bodied intensity.


This wine is a perfect match for one of the most famous dishes of Galician Cuisine; Octopus “Á Feira” ( boiled octopus with salt, sweet pepper and olive oil)

  • Alcohol Strength: 12,2% Vol.
  • Total Acidity: 5,8g/l (expressed as Tartaric Acid)
  • Ph: 3,2
  • Free SO 2: 26mg/l
  • Total SO 2: 115mg/l
  • Reducing Sugars: 1,1g/l
  • Density: 0,993