At the end of the summer, when the leaves start to fall and you feel the last sunshine of the season it is time to harvest this albariño grapes of Denomination of Origin Rias Baixas. Those are harvested in small capacity crates, destemmed and crushed in pneumatic presses, where only the first fraction of must is used. The clean must is fermented at 18 degrees of temperature in stainless steel vats and once the fermentation is over it is racked separating the upper part from the bottom portion. After two or three racking the wine is cold stabilised on isotermic vats, then with only one filtering the wine is ready to be bottled.


Pale yellow staw with greenish highlights, bright, fine and elegant in nose, superb varietal aromas, soft palate with fine adidic structure. Long and round end in the mouth.


This wine pairs perfectly to any Galician cuisine dish, grilled fish, seafood, white meat, fresh cheese, etc.

  • Alcohol Strength: 12,2% Vol.
  • Total Acidity: 6,6g/l (expressed as Tartaric Acid)
  • Ph: 3,2
  • Free SO 2: 28mg/l
  • Total SO 2: 114mg/l
  • Reducing Sugars: 2,1g/l
  • Density: 0,993

FQA-051* Energy Value (kJoules) Calculation kJ/100ml 323
FQA-050* Energy Value (Kcalories) Calculation kcal/100ml 78
FQA-005* Fats Extraction g/100 ml <0.1
FQA-061* Saturated Fatty Acids GC-FID g/100 ml <0.10
FQA-010* Carbohydrates Calculation g/100 ml 1.7
Total Sugars (Glucose+Fructose+Sucrose) PNT-55-01 Calculation g/100 ml 0.17
FQA-008* Insoluble Dietary Fiber Gravimetry g/100 ml <0.1
FQA-009* Proteins Kjeldahl g/100 ml 0.3
PNT-22-01 Sodium Chloride (Salt) Calculation g/100 ml 0.01
PNT-102-01 Sodium Atomic Absorption mg/l 39
Flame PNT-04-02 Acquired Alcohol Content (20°C) NIR % vol. 12.61
FQA-002* Moisture Drying g/100 ml 87.8
FQA-003* Ashes Gravimetry g/100 ml 0.18