Elaborated with albariño grapes from Salnés Valley, manually harvested, destemmed and crushed in pneumatic presses. The obtained must is cold decanted from 24 to 36 hours, after this period the clean must is separated from the cloudly wort. The clean must is fermented at 18 degrees and once the fermentation is concluded the wine is racked twice or three times before the cold stabilization in isotermic vats. After the fitration process the wine is bottled.


White wine with greenish highlights and golden iridescences with fine varietal aromas, tropical, lychee, maracuyá, pear and pineapple which last long time assembling a fruit compote. Full- bodied in the mouth with presence of well assembled ripe fruit and intense and persistent after smell.


This wine pairs perfectly to any Galician cuisine dish, grilled fish, seafood, white meat, fresh cheese, etc.

  • Alcohol Strength: 12% Vol.
  • Total Acidity: 7,3g/l (expressed as Tartaric Acid)
  • Ph: 3,2
  • Free SO 2: 28mg/l
  • Total SO 2: 132mg/l
  • Reducing Sugars: 2,1g/l
  • Density: 0,993